Where do you get your photos?

All photos on this site have either been submitted to us, or we have asked for permission to post them.


How do I submit my photo to the gallery?

You can e-mail your photo to submissions@maternitygallery.com

For more information, please visit our submissions page.


Can I submit anonymously?

Yes. We don’t uses names unless you wish, and if you prefer a pseudonym, that is fine.


Why do some weeks have so many photos and others have so few?

The short answer is we have posted all the appropriate photos for a given week.

The longer answer could probably be an awesome scientific study on which weeks get photographed more than others in a pregnancy, but we have a few ideas.

Early weeks are less photographed because not everyone finds out they are pregnant right away and even when they do, the plan to photograph belly pictures often doesn’t take form until the mom-to-be begins to show or until after the pregnancy is announced.

I submitted my photo, but I don’t see it. Why?

If you submitted a photo and haven’t heard from us, we may not have received your message. Sometimes this happens because someone sends many large photos in one e-mail and the server can’t handle it.

Do you post every photo you receive?

No. Some photos are cropped too tight to be useful. You really want photos that show how the mom-to-be carries the pregnancy. Half a belly doesn’t work. Also small, fuzzy, dark or otherwise difficult to see photos don’t work well either.