Share your bumpdate pictures!

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We would love to include your pictures in our gallery! Full length profile belly pictures are best, and large files are easier for us to work with. Multiple angles are great and we’d love to see a whole set of weeks is you have them! (You can always send them as you take them.) Mail your images to:

In order to keep the gallery easy to navigate and useful for other moms-to-be, please include as much of the following information as you can:

  • How many weeks along you are in each photo.
  • What number child and/or pregnancy this is for you. (A mom to be who had twins in her first pregnancy would be having her 3rd child, but this would be her 2nd pregnancy.)
  • The gender of the baby if you know. (You can always update us later!)
  • The baby’s weight, if you’ve had the baby. (You can always update us later on this too!)
  • If you are having twins, triplets or more.
  • A link to your site or blog if you would like one included, and/or photo credit.
  • Any other information or comments you might like to add.

Want to make it really easy for us? You can label your images like this:


Please send  large images if possible. An ideal height is 1024px (if you know how to save that way.) If you have multiple large images to send, great! It is helpful to break them up into multiple e-mails to keep them from getting bounced by the server.

We look forward to sharing your pictures with other moms!